Thursday, February 9, 2017

POEM: White horses and deserts above the world

     Long time, no writing on the blog, so I thought I could share a poem that was shaped in October 2016 and, even though meanwhile I created more, I was unable to find the time to translate them because many are written in Romanian.

     Clatter of doubts are rising to an atmosphere
     cut by penknife – it’s bleeding;
     Heaven drips its lifeblood on an earth ravaged
     by longings, and illusions, and destiny.
     Tell me where the truth dwells and send me to find it:
     My spirit writhes of the ardor of knowing it.
National Geographic Türkiye 2015 Seçmeleri
     I am losing my wholeness: it crumbles as a thought
     in the midst of the echo;
     I duplicated me in my own self and the metamorphosis
     makes my dissolution even more dire.
     Cruel yearnings, complete delusions,
     Destiny has closed its eyes long ago.

     The sight is infested by false certainties,
     Their gallop takes them up, above the clouds
     and leaves behind only scars vibrating of
     secrets, goodwill, altitudes
     - masks of the mendacious night;
     The futility of promises is an open wound.

     I'm not necessarily looking for an endurable truth
     -burn my being with the light of any Absolute.
     I will become a proud rider of aridity
     With the abandonment as crown
     without shield and with the heart as lance;
     I hurl myself in the miracle. It's cold, white, plain.

     Let me know what you think, I'd love to find out! x

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