Thursday, February 9, 2017

POEM: White horses and deserts above the world

     Long time, no writing on the blog, so I thought I could share a poem that was shaped in October 2016 and, even though meanwhile I created more, I was unable to find the time to translate them because many are written in Romanian.

     Clatter of doubts are rising to an atmosphere
     cut by penknife – it’s bleeding;
     Heaven drips its lifeblood on an earth ravaged
     by longings, and illusions, and destiny.
     Tell me where the truth dwells and send me to find it:
     My spirit writhes of the ardor of knowing it.
National Geographic Türkiye 2015 Seçmeleri
     I am losing my wholeness: it crumbles as a thought
     in the midst of the echo;
     I duplicated me in my own self and the metamorphosis
     makes my dissolution even more dire.
     Cruel yearnings, complete delusions,
     Destiny has closed its eyes long ago.

Maira Gall