Thursday, January 19, 2017

It is the absurd we must accept

     After reading Simone de Beauvoir, I felt the urge to do a little research about the existentialist philosophy and while easily diving into it, I found myself very content with its concepts, thing that comes as no surprise. Particularly, I like the one regarding the absurd

     More exactly? The world. Between the world and the absurd you might as well write down an equal sign: they define each other, their identity can be frequently confused; the lack of answers - or the appearance of the ones (apparently) inconceivable - thus becomes the only possible answer. That means, also, the exile from the sphere of happiness, of hope, of ideals? Not at all; maybe even the opposite: it means dipping into them or overcome them. All paradoxes have one final line: the absurd. Do we dare to accept it as a child of the universe, while letting it be our brother?

     It hits you every time you are under the (vague, in fact) impression that you have discovered the redeemer truth and therefore, your destiny must be messianic; accepting the absurd appears as a fatality - it is situated on the same level as death.

     No problem, we should not worry. All these are far from the sign which discloses giving up on life. Instead, you need to focus on authentically living, on personal fullfilment and self-awareness. We are the ones who give purpose to our lives, meanwhile the Divine got bored of commanding us. So, in the end, this is the only thing we have left: to try to polish our spirit for a more meaningful existence than the one offered to us by the surrounding environment.

     Existenliasm is so close to my heart at the moment, Sartre's books are ready to be devoured by this impatient reader, and I wonder when I will declare myself the follower of a certain philosophy. Until then, a long road of researching and sleepless nights and I can not wait!

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