Thursday, January 19, 2017

All this love

     The idea of ​​love - as a profoundly human feeling, not necessarily as an ingredient for a successful romantic relationship - intrigues me beyond measure, especially because of contradictions which, I say, it arises.

     Why do we love and how do we love, depending on what sort of things? Reading "When Nietzsche Wept", I was fascinated by the idea that all the love that we feel is, ipso facto, self-love. I was outraged but not for long - the assumption slowly became, if not true, at least possible.. Don’t we love people just according to their proximity to our ideals? Don’t we get upset, despite the fact that we declare our love to them, just because they contradict our beliefs?

     Is it possible for love to be taught or is it a habit that perhaps contemporary society reduced it to the status of a benefit? I tend towards the second option.

     I read a lot and, the more I read, the more I realize, after a rigorous analysis, how empty my bag of knowledge is. So, after some reading, I discovered another idea that I caused me trouble: love for others can pour only from within us, following our own agreement. (Paraphrased, of course) Undoubtedly, love has its source in your own being but can we share an unconditional of subjectivity love?

     These are questions I have not found an answer for and on which I take great pleasure from time to time to meditate. I can condemn no hypothesis to the sentence of universal truth, no matter how many arguments could be made in favor of it. This kind of decisions will become decayed gods after more knowledge, so why shall we limit ourselves?

     Help me solve this mental maze I created! 

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