Friday, December 16, 2016

Infinite above, limited around

     We are damned to live in a world with no answers, while we constantly have to face questions - apparently walls on the road to happiness, apparently always conditioned by subjectivism. However, the exuberance of this wretched hunt’s end never comes and no, it is not even expected. We designed some gods above us, action born from the impossibility (or from our inability?) to find an answer that at least scarcely resemble the truth.
Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen - Detach
     Thus, those gods become, with the aid of the prophets who have created them, the ultimate truth, the answer at the end of which there is no dot, but an exclamation mark. All that they preach is annoyingly incessant exclamation: the infinite is not for you, it only for our gods, all you have to do is to obey to the most significant commandment: we are doomed to finitude and thus we shall remain - the slaves of some entities we projected outside ourselves.
     Therefore, the last sense dies and even the last hope to unchaining, the last possibility of anarchy. How could one start a revolution when the alleged revolutionaries may be called indoctrinated? So we do not collide with questions anymore, only with limits. Anywhere you look, your boundary is brought to light: here, merciless, sharp light, venom scattering wings in their momentum of flying.

     Infinite above, the limits within, us - self-damned. Your gods might be good at something, I don’t deny your illusions, each of us digs them on one’s own after all, but have you ever thought that the god you worship is the border of the infinity that lies within?

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