Sunday, October 2, 2016

Syllogism on racism

     This syllogism does not comply to the general laws of syllogisms, as people do not respect the values ​​related to the acceptance of others.

     1) Some works of art (depicting the world or which bring to life inanimate or unseen things) are painted using color combinations that intertwine on a palette (combinations either conventional or surprising, but all, without exception, are the result of two tempera colors, no matter whether they are made accidentally or deliberately)

     2) All people who lived (either in the dirt or light), who still exist (either above mediocrity or bogged down in it) and who will be (living peacefully or touching the greatest paroxysm with their feelings) are the result of colors’ combinations which intertwine on the palette.

     3) No color that gave a shade, while marrying another, or just get in touch with any other in the creative dance of a painter carries any of the following feelings: hatred, jealousy, rebellion, pity for other daughter of  the light. 4) Always red is a primary color, but after combining it with another one you do not always get blood. 5) Sometimes red is used for painting battles on the painter’s canvas, or for roses, or for love.

Robert Mapplethorpe - Lucinda's hand (1985)
     6) The war between humans is always responsible for at least one primary color. 7) Sometimes people deny their affiliation to the light and rebel against other colors out of the feelings mentioned above, but always with no reason. Light gave colors to the world, the colors were harmonized in things, things fascinate us of ancient times until today and we deny that we are part of this balanced and completely misunderstood system, choosing instead an infatuated rebellion, and infatuation often resembles ignorance. 8) Infatuated rebellion is always doomed. 9) No man deserves less than another.

     THEREFORE, no skin color grants the paradise, the supremacy or the right to abuse another human being.

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