Saturday, September 17, 2016

Book review #4

     As an an avid reader that I am, I mostly like books which, when I reach their quarter, made me say "It will irrevocably change me”. Simone de Beauvoir's autobiography - "Memoirs of a dutiful daughter" - is an example and the second book in the hierarchy of those which have ravaged me like a hurricane - a brilliant, beautiful, unexpected one and, frankly, for a long time expected.. It's the kind of book you live for, you dream of. I was waiting for it.

     Her style of writing is with absolutely no imperfection: flawless in every sense of the word. How she writes struck me: I knew nothing about it and had no expectations; I expected to recognize myself, hidden by rows, but not to such an extent.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The autopsy of a selfie

     Sometimes I get the feeling that my words are not caustic enough and  I do not name them so out of hatred, not even out of revolt, but out of the desire to satirize certain gestures, a certain verbal tic, conversations or ways to moving, for the simple reason, yet better said, with the candid hope to change something.

     I am unable to move on without saying a thing I am not capable to forget, which is, perhaps, one of the very few references to my personal relationships: this depicts the greatest love of mine (now disaggregated) once photographing me, while saying "you know, a long time ago, people do not take photos of themselves, but of those they love" Let’s get over the moment of tears in the corner of the eye ("so romantic..."): they quickly evaporate.
Maira Gall