Saturday, August 27, 2016


     I found myself - not infrequently - in the eagerness to write and the impossibility to find the right words to describe the sensation of euphoria that I have been feeling lately. After analyzing certain things, I have noticed that the inner life of some people „coagulates” not very late, but mine started to flourish at 18. However, I could not be more grateful for reaching the age when many neglected it and I am embraced by an electric eclecticism of thoughts that not only wakes me up, but it makes me want more.

     People, places, gestures. All have acquired a different meaning for me, maybe I led them to paroxysm, but I am not sorry for that. This exacerbation gets more delightful as I discover more things – while living at maximum intensity the present ones.

     I am incessantly searching for new meanings, sentencing the old ones to guillotine, not necessarily out of boredom, but due to the awareness of the vast range of possibilities.

     My inner citadel is thriving, I feel it, or it is rather an intuition: miraculously comprising every smell, every touch, my gaze embraces more than the horizon. In moments of doubt, I wonder if I should have felt this curiosity and this savurous bustle long before. When I was a child I did not enjoy so much the rays shining through the branches of the tree, the tenderness of the evening air, the candid greeting of children, the taste of peaches. Then I say does not matter anymore – I enjoy them now hundredfold. Formerly, sometimes a melancholic boredom sat down on my temples, but now it has became unknown: no sunset is the same, no quiver of the branches resembles. Differences (before annoying and disturbing) now intrigue and fascinate me, almost ineffably.

     And maybe because I knew, as a child, at least how to appreciate warm hugs, the vague smell of knowledge when opening a new book, the thrill within a sunset, maybe that is why I have the chance, the opportunity to discover everything I discover now.

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