Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playlist #1

     I am among those who are tired of club music, the songs whose chorus is continuously repeated and are only two other district lyrics; insubstantial songs, with just one beat. There is only one radio frequency in my country that is pleasant for my ears, the others keep replaying the same songs with trivial words whose videos have, with no doubt, something with sexual flavor.

     Yet I do not believe that all good music has already been produced, as I have heard. Maybe only 80%, but we a 20% hope. Since this blog was designed as an invitation to something deeper than society’s vulgarity and crowd’s superficiality, as a manifesto for culture and good taste, I made this playlist (first of more to come) with few contemporary songs to get you out of the vertigo of ordinary music. Ears, be delighted.

    a) Daughter - Youth
    b) Postcards from Mars – Into the Unknown
    c) Matt Simons – Catch & Release 
    d) Leon Bridges – Coming home
    e) Oh Wonder – White blood 
    f) Clove - Don't forget about me 
    g) Patrick James - Bugs
    h) Ben Howard - Gracious
    i) Goapele – Back to you
    j) Paloma Faith – Just be
    k) Max Jury  - Numb
    l) James Bay – Stealing cars
    m) Troye Sivan – Suburbia
    n) Jack Garratt – Surprise yourself
    o) Jessie Ware – You and I (Forever)

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