Thursday, July 28, 2016

On pride

     Pride? Sin damned to lie on the bottom of Hell incinerators. Pride? Thorn in the consciousness of sunny days. Pride? Avoid it, keep your head down, ignoring the sky above and, most important, neglect the fact that you deserve to be here.

     I am totally in favor of it, of pride, and of arrogance as well. Let’s be clear, I do not advocate walking the street in Adam’s suit, shouting like a indomitable Tarzan in the jungle „I am the best”. But I defend the belief that says you shall be proud of what you do, even if you do not do much. Be proud that after a night knelt in front of the temple of despair, you are able to keep your body vertically after getting out of bed.
     Be proud if you write every day - stories, poems or novels you start but abandon later - because you have the power to coalesce with your creativity even if nobody knows it, even if no one publishes you. Take pride of the song you write or sing, of that extra-mile you run each day, of every occasion when you choose the Good over the Bad, whatever these mean to you. 
     Be proud that you are here, be proud of who you are and of each obstacle you overcame, of all the shadows that still dance on your face and of the light that could not stop sparkling in your eyes. The society minimizes you as much as possible: perfection is the only goal. You have not touched it, you do not fully deserve to be here. Nevertheless, you should raise your forehead to the sky, allow your eyelids to radiate in a deep blue or in a glow white. See now? You have the right to be here, be your own self and do all the things you want to do. Keep this arrogance in mind and see that actually the bricks from the wall you are stuck in front of and you have crushed your fists out of frustration into are made of feathers and mud.

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