Monday, August 1, 2016

On chaos

     I often think about it and this question troubles me deeply: "Is everything chaos or order?” I said it would not hurt a debate with a sharp mind so the left side of my brain was the apologist of the chaos and the right side claimed that the final answer would be order. Below, some of the arguments.

     If you were to seek and to point out one thing that emanates order under any circumstances, you would certainly fail.

     That's just because the human mind is far too limited to see the perfection of the universe and we always stop at our inner struggles, rising them to heights way too high for us to solve them. Often, we become acrophobic.
     Do not go off on tangent! But that order, the perfection that you mentioned? Who is in charge with this? Do not tell me you still believe in the omnipotent bearded old man governing planets and destinies..

     I shall endlessly invoke the argument regarding how limited the human mind is.  I do not believe in the bearded one, relax. But think about for how long the universe exists, with or without accepting the idea of a Big Bang . How do you think that a system - in fact, isn’t it one? – could have subsisted over billions of years without (self)destruction? We shall call chaos what we live here, on Earth, but this is something else. However, let's at least try to widen our knowledge horizon. Extrapolate things a bit - outside Earth, outside the Milky Way. How many solar systems are out there? Discovered or undiscovered. How is everything preserved? By order. By perfection.

     Was order since the beginning?

     There was chaos, as if you overthrow a puzzle box. And then, slowly, the pieces arrange themselves, miraculously combined together and, at the end, when you see the big picture, your breath will be taken away. I do not have any idea how this is possible, I blame my own human barriers for that, but I have no doubt: there is order, order, order and there is also our own inability to perceive it.

     Silenced chaos.


     Disguised. And the only reason you should blame yourself is the fact that you ceaselessly search for calming down your soul with the idea of an astounding order, just because it is unable to find balance in this chaotic tornado.

- To be continued –

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