Friday, July 29, 2016


     I could not even tell if it is true that most people think that the end of youth comes with the end of high school or that youth really has an epilogue. And, frankly, I don’t even care. As I have seen so far many quotes claiming that "Happiness is a state of mind" - or perfection or beauty - so I can say that youth, as well, is a state of mind. 
     When our consciousness slips through fingers and the mind keeps running, and running, and running in all directions dictated by "what-is-right" and "what-is-wrong”, minutes that it could transcend disappear, evaporate. This seems like all you’ve got: a direction already imposed, a set of instructions with each step you must take and your mind, constrained to walk an apparently predetermined road.  Holocaust of creativity, individuality, life. These are the gas chambers disguised in fairytales, guards with masks of concerned advisers and daily labors displayed as "10 simple steps".
     I speak from the perspective of a future student who declares she is capable of seeing behind the curtains, behind the setting, shattering the illusions previously created. If things were different, I assume I would not felt this taste of sudden unchaining from a maze of mirrors, mirrors already broken, in which people keep saying the light reflects normally.

     It is ceaseless, I assure you. I honestly tell you – finding myself, perhaps, at the point in my existence when people would say I have to be a grown up and these are my last moments of relentless hope - it promised me that will stay by my side as long as I accept it as a inhabitant of my being, as long as I will be able to realize the tendency of my mind to any vague compliance and I will fight against that. Youth will not abandon you if you do not chase it away. It shall sit on the edge of your eyelid, hanging down dreams whose shore is scarcely distinguishable, casting towards your temples worth chasing ideals.

     Youth is endless. A never-ending state of mind.

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