Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playlist #1

     I am among those who are tired of club music, the songs whose chorus is continuously repeated and are only two other district lyrics; insubstantial songs, with just one beat. There is only one radio frequency in my country that is pleasant for my ears, the others keep replaying the same songs with trivial words whose videos have, with no doubt, something with sexual flavor.

     Yet I do not believe that all good music has already been produced, as I have heard. Maybe only 80%, but we a 20% hope. Since this blog was designed as an invitation to something deeper than society’s vulgarity and crowd’s superficiality, as a manifesto for culture and good taste, I made this playlist (first of more to come) with few contemporary songs to get you out of the vertigo of ordinary music. Ears, be delighted.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another journey: Zero Waste

     Two months ago, YouTube had some kindness and inspiration to suggest me an extraordinary TED Talk that, without any exaggeration, changed my life. Curious? You can find it here. If you watched the video, it has already told you much about what one could say: we pollute outrageously, we do not care about the planet, we take everything for granted. Nevertheless, we have the power to change something And it does not even no matter how many times before you have heard this phrase, but it is the truth.

     I was struck by how much we pollute - although I walk a lot and I use the public transport, I eat healthy, I still throw the trash away. This last one is clearly the problem and I was not thinking about the fact that things could be differently. Otherwise? Sustainably. Thus it was seeded in my soul a boundless affection for the planet, this wonderful Terra we keep destroying.

Self-aware ignorance

     While reading „When Nietzsche wept”, my Infatuation hid itself in a dark corner, and Ignorance, revealing her face after wearing a mask wisely designed to avoid features recognition, came and sat nonchalantly cross-legged. I looked her straight in the eyes and she did likewise.

     Usually this is how things happen:  we defiantly stare at each other until she begins to roll her eyes, scratching the shortcomings on her arms and at one point, almost when I expect less, she stands up and fades away.

Friday, July 29, 2016


     I could not even tell if it is true that most people think that the end of youth comes with the end of high school or that youth really has an epilogue. And, frankly, I don’t even care. As I have seen so far many quotes claiming that "Happiness is a state of mind" - or perfection or beauty - so I can say that youth, as well, is a state of mind. 
     When our consciousness slips through fingers and the mind keeps running, and running, and running in all directions dictated by "what-is-right" and "what-is-wrong”, minutes that it could transcend disappear, evaporate. This seems like all you’ve got: a direction already imposed, a set of instructions with each step you must take and your mind, constrained to walk an apparently predetermined road.  Holocaust of creativity, individuality, life. These are the gas chambers disguised in fairytales, guards with masks of concerned advisers and daily labors displayed as "10 simple steps".

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Documentary #1

     Instead of watching movies like the Fifty Shades of Grey screening or reading John Green’s books (not that I am against them or something), watch some documentaries whose main purpose is to change the people’s perspective regarding some important contemporary issues. An example which hit me in all my vital senses and left me with a burdened conscience and with an immeasurable desire to make at least a micro-change is The True Cost.

     Skipping the technical specifications, like how well the film was made and what audiovisual effects were used which, however, I can say (at least from the viewpoint of an amateur) that are flawless, the idea behind the documentary is the one that counts.

     Although there are many problems today's society has to face, perhaps one of the biggest concerns the fashion industry and what is really behind it. An article may not be so strongly impressive compared to the power that images have, that is why I firmly encourage you to watch this movie, words may lose their power when it comes to such cases.

On pride

     Pride? Sin damned to lie on the bottom of Hell incinerators. Pride? Thorn in the consciousness of sunny days. Pride? Avoid it, keep your head down, ignoring the sky above and, most important, neglect the fact that you deserve to be here.

     I am totally in favor of it, of pride, and of arrogance as well. Let’s be clear, I do not advocate walking the street in Adam’s suit, shouting like a indomitable Tarzan in the jungle „I am the best”. But I defend the belief that says you shall be proud of what you do, even if you do not do much. Be proud that after a night knelt in front of the temple of despair, you are able to keep your body vertically after getting out of bed.
Maira Gall